• Fitness increasingly popular, popularity sports clubs are declining

  • Fitness increasingly popular, popularity sports clubs are declining

    Fitness has never been as popular as it is today. More people choose to play sports at the gym than at a sports club. This shift is still remarkable. Participation in sports clubs continues to decline. Why is it that more people start to work out, are opleiding personal coach?


    The trend
    Fitness has really become a trend in recent years. Especially young people can find a lot in the gym, with the necessary protein shakes and nutritional supplements. Young people come into contact with fitness at an early age and they prefer this form of sport to, for example, a football club. Now that the number of young people at sports clubs is decreasing, it is less attractive for young people to join a sports club.

    Perhaps the most decisive reason why people prefer to work out rather than play sports at a club is the price. Fitness is relatively inexpensive. For a fixed amount per month or per year you can do unlimited sports. Another big advantage of fitness is that it does not depend on a time. You don't have to exercise every week at a fixed time, but you can determine your own times. This way you can do a lot of sports for a fixed price.

    The shift of sports participation from the clubs to the gym also creates a new social relationship. Fewer people join a sports club and more people join a gym. In this way, the gym acquires greater social importance. You can play sports alone at all intensities, but you can also play sports together. And afterwards, a protein shake is often enjoyed at the sports bar. At Shakeplus you will find products that can support your sports regime, which is especially important if you can use intensive sports or just a little extra power.

    Fitness continues to grow in popularity. It takes over the place of the sports associations. Because of the advantageous price and the independence of times, it is attractive for many people to play sports at a gym. Sourche: https://www.remotiontraining.be


    May 2, 2020
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